La forêt, 58370 Larochemillay, France

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La Foret du Morvan lies between the towns of Autun, Chateau Chinon and Luzy. The nearest village to the campsite is Larochemillay. Here, where a castle nestles against the hill, you will find the bakery/grocery, a restaurant an the post office.

There are various festivities and markets to visit in the surrounding area during the season. In the vicinity of the camp-site is Mont Beuvray with its Celtic Museum, visitor centre and restaurant. During the season, archaeologists from all over Europe work on the excavations and can be observed in their work. You can take a free bus ride tot the top to enjoy the view and horse riding and tree-climbing are also available.
At the Lac des Settons you can rent a boot or pedolo and can sail or windsurf.

The area surrounding the campsite is hilly and forested; quite suitable for a walking tour or a bicycle ride for the keen cyclist.

plan of the morvan

The Parc Naturel Régional du Morvan arguably the most part of Burgundy, is perfect for nature lovers. The park was set up in 1970; not only tot protect flora and fauna, but also te preserve ancient traditions and to give an econoic boost to the region. You will enjoy its peaceful roads en unspoilt villages. This is an area of France just waiting tot be discovered!

The Morvan was already inhabited in the second century BC by an important Gallic tribe, they established themselves on the Mont Beuvray, in the settlement Bibracte. Julius Caesar conquerred the Gauls in 52 BC and annexed the area
into his Roman Empire. Around this time, Emperor Augustus founded Autun.
In the Middle Ages town such as Vézelay, Autun, Avallon and Saulieu, flourished as pilgrim towns; still very visible by their majestic churches.


The Morvan is 50 km broad and 70 km long and exists of two parts:
Le Bas-Morvan; from Avallon in the north to the Lac des Settons
in the south, consists of a plateau which rises to the south.
Le Haut-Morvan; has a more mountainous character, although the peaks still belong to the middle mountains. Here you will find Mont Beuvray (821m), Mont Préneley (855m) and, the highest point of Burgundy, Haut-Folin (901m)
The Morvan is friendly landscape: the calm green of the meadows with tree ramparts and groups of trees and bush, alternate with heathland, diciduous and evergreen forest, rocky alltitudes and clefts, lakes, sparkling streams and rivers, which can flow both slowly and savagely.